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Analytics 2: Participation Measures

Discussion created by Renee Carney Administrator on Jan 29, 2018
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We're planning to include online participation measures in Analytics 2, and need your input on how we define participation and why tracking participation matters.


Please join in the open-ended discussion here, or jump straight into our survey.


Why should we measure learner participation? Here are some reasons we've heard:

  • So teachers can identify at-risk students
  • So teachers can understand how participation relates to performance
  • So students can reflect and improve their participation
  • So course designers can understand content usage
  • To foster a class community


With these reasons in mind, we would look at both a single measure of participation, as well as categorizing participation into different types of interactions:

  • Content interactions, e.g. module views, page views, videos loaded
  • Assessment interactions, e.g. assignment submissions, submission comments, annotations
  • Social interactions, e.g. discussion replies, conversation messages, peer reviews



We expect that Participation in Analytics 2 would…

  • Measure a student's participation relative to other students
  • Be based primarily on weighted counts of interactions
  • Give teachers the ability to turn it on or off
  • Let teachers drill-down from participation >> interaction type >> specific tool usage
  • Show students a view of their participation


What do you think of these ideas for Analytics 2?


Feel free to reply below or take our survey on participation in Analytics 2