Improve cross-listing process

Idea created by Fritz Vandover on Jan 12, 2018
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    • Jeramy Colvin
    • Fritz Vandover
    • Aasmund Admin Kvamme
    • Kristen Hortman-Fowler
    • Tracie Bosket

    The current section cross-listing process is very click-heavy and, frankly, takes a lot time because the process is a "push" process. The instructor user must go into each section to be cross-listed, find the section into which it needs to be pushed, and then select. With multi-section courses (it is common to cross-list 12-15 sections into one main section at our institution), this can take a lot of time.


    I would recommend that the process be re-tooled to be a 'pull' process. From the section that will hold all of the cross-listed sections, the instructor would search for the section(s) that are to be cross-listed. By searching for, say, HIST 1001, the tool would show all of the sections (002, 003, etc.) that match that course code, and then the instructor could select any and all applicable sections to be cross-listed.