Module-Aware Gradebook

Idea created by Emily Springfield on Jan 12, 2018
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    • Emily Springfield
    • Linnea Thompson

    Adding requirements to Modules - "You may do either A or B" - is extremely powerful and brings some much-needed flexibility to curricula. To do this at scale, however, I need the gradebook to follow along. Currently, if a student does Assignment A, Assignment B is treated like any other unsubmitted assignment in the gradebook. So, it's either treated as a zero, or ALL unsubmitted assignments are ignored completely. 


    In the example below, students have to do two cases from two modules: In Mod 1, they can do either Fixed Pros Case A or Removable Pros Case A, and in Mod 2, either Fixed Pros Case B or Removable Pros Case B.


    • Student A did perfectly - choosing Fixed Pros Cases A and B.
    • Student B only did one case 
    • Student C did no cases.
    • Yet their total grades are all 100%.
    • If I change the view to treat all grades as zero, Stu A gets 50%, Stu B gets 25%, and Stu C gets 0%.


    What I need is for the gradebook to understand the rules set out in Modules, so Stu A gets 100%, Stu B gets 50%, and Stu C gets 0%. Module requirements are functionally useless if I can't see grades according to the module rules.