Remove the Internal Scrollbars around Assignment descriptions

Idea created by STEVE GRIFFITH on Jan 12, 2018
    Open for Voting

    On the Assignment page, in instructors' view, there is an extra set of internal scrollbars. I would like to suggest that these be removed and replaced with a better functionality.


    Having an extra set of scrollbars in the middle of the page is just poor design because it impedes the users' ability to access and view content on the page. 

    There is no good reason to have the extra scrollbars other than to show the due date and points on the screen at the same time. This same purpose can be achieved with a single button.


    Take for example what Imgur does. Here is a sample link

    Look in the bottom right corner of the screen. See that button? -> Take me down bu


    It takes you past any number of images, regardless of whether there is 1 or 100. It scrolls the page to the comments section.

    Once you get to the bottom of the page, that button flips over and becomes this one -> Take me up button


    Problem solved. People can skip past the long content to see the settings and the rubric. Everyone else and use the arrow keys or browser scrollbar to read ALL the assignment description content.