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Tiffany Foster
Click to view contentAccessibility Clips, Tips, & Tricks...Oh My! The Canvas Instructional Design Team is excited to share accessibility clips, tips and tricks for our February Teacher Appreciation Event.  Our team values creating quality courses that are accessible to learners with diverse abilities. While it is not only the right thing to do, applying accessibility… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Rachael Sweeten
Higher ed hosts a bewildering number of professors who 1.) fail to provide examples of completed projects and assignments, 2.) actively avoid examples on the premise of promoting creativity, and 3.) presumably enjoy a comfort zone of non-clarity. Possible Solutions: Rubrics and Examples Rubrics clarify assignment expectations, guiding students… (Show more)
Christopher Phillips
Click to view contentA space where news and reactions to the proposed Thoma Bravo acquisition can be gathered that would be of interest to the community. Please add additional resources, questions or concerns in the comments. 2/19/20 Update: Lots happening in the last week or so, newest updates now at the top. Phil Hill expressed it well: Last week: Check out this… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Eric Whitmer
I have a Nursing faculty who wants to cross-list her courses in the future, she teaches the exact same content across two different cities. Her current process is that she builds the content in one course and then copies that same content to the other course, but has ran into the problem where the other content gets overlooked in the import… (Show more)
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Judy Harmon
In working on a self-paced Faculty course, I'd like to use Mastery Paths (and maybe eventually badges).  It's quite a learning curve for me and I've found some good information in the Canvas Guides and in the Community.  But I've not found how to best mix a mastery path along with a conventional path through the modules.  For example: a new… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Liz Falconer
I was able to create an admin-view only tab a few years ago with the code below. Now it is not working.  Can anyone help? I want the tab to go to Canvas for Faculty : Teach With Intent: Faculty Resources  so that faculty have easy access to templates, etc. #xml #course navigation     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><cartridge_basiclti_link… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
Renee Carney
From time to time, we've held blogging challenges in the Canvas Community, and the contributed content has been amazing. Recently, it's been noticed that there's a need for content that focuses on student privacy and, more specifically, FERPA.    Like always, share your insight and then learn from others. Get involved, and encourage others to do… (Show more)
Renee Carney
  “How do we love thee, let us count the ways”... Never mind, that would take us 601,770 minutes, or 10k hours, at a minimum [that’s allocating one minute for every Community member]! Let’s do a little contest instead!   With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we want to demonstrate our love and affection for the fabulous Community by providing… (Show more)
Mari-Cruz Garcia
Hi, I am finding my way to Canvas and I would like to share this community this canvas template that I have built upon another template that some one shared to the Commons (I can't remember the author now, but thank you who ever you were).   Canvas doesn't have allow the creation of  navigation panel unit by unit, like Moodle or Blackboard Learn… (Show more)
in Instructional Designers
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