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Jackie Myers
Are you looking for ways to elevate student learning? studio is an amazing tool that integrates with Canvas! Did you know that students can also use Studio to turn in video assignments? They can upload videos from their computers, YouTube, record themselves, or their screen right from within the Studio platform! Check out this video to learn more…
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Rees Wilson
Hi all,    I'm wondering if Studio either supports, or is planned to support open-ended responses in their quizzes (like the Canvas Quizzes essay question option). I have been using EdPuzzle, which offers these types of responses, and would love to move over, but the current options are just a bit too restricting.    Thanks!
Ashley Leslie
I have an instructor using an up to date Macbook trying to record a video using the Studio screen capture option. When she records, Studio only records the computer background image and no applications, programs or browser windows that she has open. The Word document she wants to record is open and showing before she begins the recording, but when… (Show more)
Kristof De Schrijver
I noticed that every user can see a certain set of course media upon clicking the Studio icon and opening the menu on the top left side. It's a mystery how this is populated, because it doesn't seem to be related with course permissions or being the owner of video's that occur in there. They're also not shared video's...   Can someone explain me… (Show more)
Kona Jones
We just started using Arc (now Stuido) this last week (yes, total newbie!!) and as we went to build our Internal training guides realized that there wasn't a lot of documentation offered on how to use the Screen Capture Editing Tools. It looks like these are some pretty powerful and useful features, but without knowing how they should work or the… (Show more)
Click to view contentWe know that to add a quiz to a Studio video one must go to My Uploads to access the Create Quiz link.     It seems that when we use the Studio search field to locate a video, the videos depicted in the search results tend to appear with a 'perspective view' other than My Uploads.  This means that it may not be possible to search for a video… (Show more)
Erin Hallmark
How can I record a PowerPoint presentation on Studio so that I can use the animations?
Erin Hallmark
Is there a way to disable the ""re-watch" and "re-take" options connected to Studio video quizzes? I have an instructor that wants to embed questions in her Studio videos but does not want to allow students to re-watch the video before answering a question or be able to re-take the questions/quiz more than one time. Thanks in advance!
Kristen Allen
Click to view contentIs it possible to force students to respond to an embedded Studio quiz before giving them the Rewatch/Continue option?   This is a feature that we really like in our Panopto quiz tool: 
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