Don Lourcey

Monitoring Usage & Impact with these GREAT Data Tools

Blog Post created by Don Lourcey on Jul 8, 2020

I have been lurking long enough in the Community. I feel like it is about time that I contribute.


I am building a virtual Canvas Boot Camp for our district teachers. Each day focuses in a particular skills level: Basic Training, Officer Training, and Field Training.


I have started creating infographics for participants to identify some really cool features about Canvas--to provide multiple means & variety of presenting content. There are some many Data tools available in Canvas, so I wanted to create a visual that would clearly delineate each tool (along with Guides supporting that tool). This visual would serve as an overview, and then the rest of the Boot Camp Lesson on Data & Analytics would spend time unpacking each and explore best practices for leveraging the tool for student learning.


Here is my latest infographic. I have more and will share soon.

I hope you find it helpful.


Monitoring Usage & Impact with Canvas Data & Analytics Tools