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Shannon McCarthy
How are districts allowing student to use TTS within Quizzes?  We use TextHelp Read & Write but it does not work when the student is taking a quiz/test.  Wish that accessibility features were built in and that could set to allow for specific students? That would be great!  
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Vallarie Sevilla
Greetings. I teach Spanish at both a high school and a university in Virginia. Like many K-12 schools, ours is about to move tons of content online. I found the guide here and it was very useful. I am very concerned about the hours that teachers will put into preparing, creating, and uploading documents that are not accessibility compliant and… (Show more)
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Nicholas Johnson
I cut and paste my messages from a template for each lesson, but I do not see any way to bold or italicize text, use bullets, etc.  Am I missing something, or is the "compose message" feature in the Inbox in Canvas just extremely minimalist in features?   Thanks!   -Nick Johnson Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology Ivy Tech Community College
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Stefanie Sanders
I cannot access the Training Services Portal. I can't authorize my access and get the message "Please ensure you have a valid Canvas name and email address." I don't have the same problem for Commons. How can I solve this? 
David Murphy
I want to change the order in which the Announcements appear in the Announcements section.. I have tried changing the dates on which Announcements appear but they are all still out of the order I wish them to appear..
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Amanda Postle
I taught my first "Getting Started in Canvas" workshop to faculty and support staff last week and found the Modules and Pages sections to be confusing to our attendees. I had a hard time describing the difference between the two and people walked away a bit confused, some even upset. We are currently moving from D2L to Canvas at OSU.   My next… (Show more)
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Michael Geiger
I have video content on canvas and I would like to "assign" the viewing of this content and make it mandatory. Is this possible? I want my students to view these videos but only be able to receive a completion grade when they have actually watched the video.
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